Board of Directors


Robert Kilcullen, Board President                              Kristen Keller, Vice President

Retired IBM Executive                                                                                                   PR Consultant


Mary Campbell, Secretary                                             Amy Paterra, Treasurer

K-8 School Counselor                                                                                                    Retired Marketing and Sales Executive​


Gary Borgese, Board Member                                     Paul Preo, Board Member

Retired Sales Manager                                                                                                    Retired Marketing Manager


Andi Jason, Board Member                                         Beth Parrish, Board Member                                      Program Director for Colie's Closet                                                                         Faculty Trainer Western Governors University 

Message from the Board Chair 


Second Wind Fund of Boulder County has been so fortunate to be able to provide our life-giving services to all of Boulder County.  As of April 2009, we have provided over 700 referrals to youth in our community.



Bob Kilcullen

Chair & President of The Second Wind Fund of Boulder County

December 18, 2018



Dear Friends of the Second Wind Fund of Boulder County,


I was invited to join the board of Second Wind Fund of Boulder County (SWFBC) in March of last year and was appointed Board Chair and President in May.  To say the least, working in a nonprofit organization is a significantly different experience from that which I had for many years in the information technology Industry.   I enjoy collaborating with our dedicated board members and with Jenna Clinchard, our Executive Director.  This group brings a diversified set of skills that helps execute SWFBC’s mission.  Together with the wonderful Boulder Valley and Saint Vrain Valley School district school counselors and interventionists plus the 18 excellent independent therapists that support our program, SWFBC continues to successfully provide critical services for our at-risk and in-need youth.  I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with an update relative to the organization and the work we are doing.


First, I would like to thank the two key board members who have stepped down.  Dennis Paul, who led SWFBC for a number of years and made significant contributions to its success, retired in May.  Although Dennis has stepped down from the board, he continues to support SWFBC.   Susan Caso has taken a leave of absence from her board position. Susan has also contributed significantly to SWFBC and provided valuable insight gained through her very active therapy practice.  We look forward to Susan returning to the board when her schedule allows her to do so.


Unfortunately, the demand for our services expanded significantly in the Fiscal Year 2017 (7/1/16 to 6/30/17) and has continued to increase during the first half of FY18.  The number of referrals issued to school counselors grew by 66% in FY17.  In the first half of FY18, the referrals issued are 23% higher than in the first half of FY17.  This growth points out a very concerning trend relative to a serious problem with which our youth are dealing.  I also find it shocking that the troubled youth we are servicing is so young and trending younger.  In FY17, the average age of our clients was 13.9 years old.  In FY18, it has dropped to an average of 12.9 years.   These trends pose additional challenges for SWFBC-  not the least of which is the need to secure additional funds from our community to enable us to support the growth in the number of clients we serve.  


As we move into 2018, SWFBC’s priorities are as follows:

  1. We will increase our fundraising to assure that we can support the increasing demand for our services.   We are very dependent on two sources of funding:  grants and our annual SWFBC Emerge 5K run/walk coming up in May. We are aggressively seeking support via grants/foundation contributions.  Our 5K SWFBC Emerge event will take place on May 6th at the Boulder Reservoir.  We need to significantly increase both the number of sponsors for this event and the number of participants.  We are also in need of committee members and volunteers to assure the event’s success.

  2. We will further build our relationships with the Boulder Valley and Saint Vrain School districts and with our therapists to assure we are as responsive as possible to the critical needs of our clients and that we have a clear understanding of the demands for our services.  We have made significant progress relative to collecting, tracking and analyzing data associated with our cases over the last six months but, there is always room for improvement.  This data is critical for both our financial planning and fundraising.

  3. We will explore opportunities for synergy with other nonprofit organizations that are providing related services.  To this end, we have secured the services of a Board Fellow from the CU Leeds Graduate School of Business Nonprofit Cultivation Center who will be working with us during the calendar year 2018.


In closing, I would like to thank you for your involvement and support of SWFBC and hope that we can count on you in 2018.  We are thankful that we can still claim that we have not lost one client who participated in our program since its inception more than eight years ago.  With your help, we can maintain this claim. 




Bob Kilcullen